Sailor moon

Our second part of Luxury production's shooting has a little fashion week flavour in it. Hint of the day: I'll be styled with a sailor flavour spiced up with some B.Polanec. Of course.

More sneak peeks? B. Polanec is making me these haute couture beauties. They will be like no other!

Pictures by Luka Volk
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Bella Siciliana

You know the turban is mostly what I get asked about, right? Yesterday was slightly different. Jasna and Kaja of Luxury production (slo. Luksuz produkcija) prepared some quite interesting questions for me to answer and be presented in the 'Let it show' European project. Luka Volk shot me afterwards and I did change quite a few pairs of shoes. Not a problem really, eh, girls?

So thank you Jasna and Kaja for contacting us, Luka another set of lovely shots and Matevz Treven, our hairstylist (khem, hairrorist) extraordinaire for being a glam squad and comedy team all in one!

Check out the first set of pictures, I was wearing two pairs of shoes my beloved father bought me (yes I say it in the video) and our D Chain ALLAROUNDEVE belt.

Eva Ana Kazic



Frida and Elizabeth

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” 
― Coco Chanel

Handbag: ALLAROUNDEVE Elizabeth bag in black crocodile print
Shoes: United Nude
Photography: Luka Volk



What says spring's here, summer will be soon and sun's up like a neon dress and turquoise accessories? It's a season of colours, couture, whoops, no, that's every season and getting ready for July's Paris Couture. I'm starting rainbow style.

Photograpy by Luka Volk
Shoes by United Nude

Eva Ana Kazic


Antonio Grimaldi

I remember the first time I went to Paris. I was 14 or so and while researching the Louvre mistakenly ended up in it's Arabic art wing. The turquoises fascinated me and regardless of it's historic and spiritual meaning, the patterns stayed in the back of my mind. When visiting Antonio's Grimaldi very private presentation in the hotel facing the mentioned museum wing, the images came right back into my mind and I was pleasantly surprised when explained, that the art of a mosque meeting European retro shapes served as an inspiration for this collection. The presentation, filled with brand's friends offered a range of formal dressing with a twist and of couple first-lady appropriate moments. Instantly, Solange, Nicole Kidman and Janelle Monae came to my mind. You know, that type that finds itself between luxury and a dare challenge.

Verdict: Wearable, sellable, recognizable. I would.

Eva Ana Kazic


Léa Peckre pour Maison Lejaby

This past March, when I was running late to the last show of the day, and got beautifully waited for and escorted to my seat by Frédéric Fontan of Alfalibra, I knew I was going to be a part of a brand revolution. Maison Lejaby, a french name focusing on feminine lingerie decided to spice the game up with a collaboration with designer, who amazed at SS14 presentations, Léa Peckre. Lingerie, yes, but let's go with a different hashtag. Streetgerie. Camel coat elements, sheers and swimwearish extravaganza was balanced with androgynous elements shown bellow ankles and complimented with the atmosphere of the lavish Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild. 
Verdict: One of the best ways to completely redefine the image of the Maison and draw attention to the idea of the girl that not walks, but stomps, gazes not looks and has a secret - Maison Lejaby.

Eva Ana Kazic

Pictures via Young Vanity and Yannick Moreau of Alfalibra (pic down)
w/ Agnes Letestuballerina of the Paris Opera, actress Frédérique BelFabien Ducommun!


Night Light

Sporting Deni Pregelj FW14 top + Deni Pregelj shoes with our Jackie Bag shot by Luka Volk.