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There are some posts that need explinations, there are some serve as book drafts and there are the ones with pictures as a sufficient spokes-material.

B. Polanec, my beloved master of headpieces and a dear, goofy and loyal friend now has a client profile on allaroundeve.com as you might have noticed and is in this outfit well mixed with a remarkable Evgenija Zafirovska dress. Notice the rose-ish details? It was a complete coincidence. I first saw, I must admit, Evgenija's dress on snapchat, when one of the models on the closed-door shoot sent me a peek into what I might like. Not like, love! And I only do fatal attractions, that's hella sure. A meeting with Boštjan showed we were all thinking about the same look - he immediately pulled out this hat, as I stepped into his atelier and closed the deal. Couture fashion week - check!

ALLAROUNDEVE handbag, soon upon request on allaroundeve.com. Shop simmilar options HERE and HERE.

Pictures by Luka Volk

Pictures bellow - with one well dressed friend - Georgiana Boboc of Vintage Traffic and with one of my favourite illustriations by Alexandra Reznik - she brought me the original to a fashion show! What a lady.

Blogger Tricks


TV, 19.9.!

I had a national TV apperance on Friday, talking about new trends of upcoming seasons.
You know how I hate trends, generally, but one, presented mostly at New York Fashion Week really stood out. It's working the big skirt in a more casual manner - mixing it with flats, comfy shirts and jewellery like handbags. As the TV's stylist prepared some looks of her choice, we showed a United Nude bootie (shop them here) and two bags from the ALLAROUNDEVE collection. Enjoy!


Eva Ana


To new victories!

As you, Paris showgoers know, Dider Grumbach, the outgoing president of the Fédération Française de la Couture, du Prêt-à-Porter des Couturiers et des Créateurs de Mode, and of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture has left the position with July's haute couture fashion week. He will be succeeded by Ralph Toledano, the current head of the Chambre Syndicale du Prêt-à-Porter des Couturiers et des Créateurs de Mode.

Grumbach is known as one of the founders of  maison Yves Saint-Laurent Rive Gauche, which was followed by the establishment of the renaissance of Givenchy, and a significant contribution to the launch of careers to designers such as Jean-Paul Gaultier and Thierry Mulger. Mostly, I shall remember him as a modest gentleman, yet a person with extraordinary presence. Regardless of his position, he always commenced our chats with an apology of his, as he implied, imperfect English, sincere compliments and an interest in my opinion on merchantability and personal touch. 

His successor has presented some interesting pointers on development of the industry and I am thrilled to see his approach on leadership of such an important establishment.

Eva Ana Kazic

ph Luka Volk and Svit Pintar


City beach

Wearing ALLAROUNDEVE Jackie Bag Two tone in pattent and matte off white leather and golden handle and logo. Now available HERE.

Photo by Luka Volk


Summer recap

I know summer is supposed to be a time of #fun under the #sun and nothing else hashtags, but when you're a part of the ALLAROUNDEVE clan, it starts with work - Paris Haute couture in July!

...this year we visited some old friends...

 ...watched our favourite shows, like Georges Hobeika...

...had fun in our Notre Dame apartment...
...had some fun nervous moments with Katariina Valo's team while going to Ulyana Sergeenko...

...Anna Dello Russo thought the red light at the location was sexy and terrible for selfies :)...

 ....went to some more shows. Ralph&Russo was an all time favourite.

 ....DMd with fellow editors. "What colour eyebrows do you have today?" Well let me snapchat you, mostly in the company of Luka. And yes, we matched outfits, feel free to judge.

After Paris, I went straight to interviews. I wore neon for the first one. Because nothing says *happy person* like stop light colours.

I worked out in my Vivo Barefoot sneakers and went out in these babies that took forever to arrive.

 ...and worked on new ideas with new coworkers.

Choosing fabric for new dresses (for new projects!) is hard work.

...took some selfies, you know, just to keep you updated with eyebrow perfection. 

And then - vacation after a long, long time. All I asked for was turquoise sea, a white hat and a place with postcard villages. I got my wish.

...yes, this hat.

And meanwhile, ALLAROUNDEVE bags were being shot for magazines. More in September and Fall issues!


Eva Ana Kazič