Fashion Week Ljubljana: Reaching consumer satisfaction

This text mostly foucuses on the media slamming Ljubljana Fashion Week.

Our team, the design, media and trade part were all present at this season's Ljubljana Fashion Week presentation after a few seasons away. This year, the organisation team opted for a video projection of pre-filmed collections and presented it in Ljubljana's City Museum. 
Although the reactions to an almost budget-less event were straight negative, there's no secret that my thoughts on *Slovene opinion* is are just the same. 

Fashion week's presentation, in general, is just as important for building a brand's public impression as is the clothing itself. Naturally, when put in such a role to fulfill, a brand usually starts with a certain budget and public relations assistance.  It also launches in one of the 4 sacred: NY, London, Paris or Milan. Slovenia has 2mil people. The understanding a different start-point of our designers is cruicial.

Now, as Slovenia's fashion production industry slowly develops, it's critique opposition (journalists, bloggers etc) builds fire towards them develops their opinions. With a market so small, we have a longlasting and hard-explaining tradition of everyone knowing everyone. Throughout the last decades, this has grown into an overly-kind, development-LESS industry that serves itself, has the same INs (designers doing the same thing all over again, without reaching or reasearching a wider spectrum of tastes and clients) to OUTs (same journalist friends bringing the same news to the same clients), so one could say a new wave of younger and simply said – different opinion makers in quite beneficial.

Myself being a non-self-titled opinion maker, I must say IT'S NOT. The truth is, bit*hing over designers is the new form of being edgy. Bit*hing Having a loud opinion is a way of putting yourself on the radar.
The real truth is, bit*hing just makes you a bit*h. It also doesn't do any financial, moral or any kind of good. Having a (well thought of) opinion is beneficial. For you public name and for the designer. Hashtag: #bloggers, #warjournalistsdoingfashion, #fashionistas.

As judgmental and demanding towards brand protocol I am due to work experience, I stand firmly behind the decision of every designer that presented at fashion week and highly respect the people who thought – hey, I just might have a different path and stayed home, watching the re-run of the Wendy Williams show.

This ramble does certainly not mean I enjoyed the type of the presentation or every single piece of clothing. It just means I choose to support a project, a designer, an industry by pointing out it's peaks. My mother always told me to say what I WANT not what I DON'T. You won't get yellow if you say you hate green.

Photos: Mimi Antolovic for ELLE Slovenija, watermark respectfully removed due to collage purposes

 Almira Sadar rarely gets a bad critique and there's a good reason why. She's a real woman,gets real women and therefore makes usable clothing. Which is pretty. Rare diamond.

 The joke about Pletenine Draž (Draž knitwear) goes like this: So what did they do this year? Same as the last season? Mean but tricky if you think about it. When seeing the first look from the new collection, a styling idea, based on flapper fashion came to my mind and didn't go out ever since. Big compliments on the above shown looks. Going even further with styling might be the right spice for these high quality knits while less asymmetry with these wonderful prints would cater to my personal taste.

 Ivan Rocco is too big for Slovene stage presentations and needs to be seen by all Jonathan Saunders-y appreciators pronto.
Nika Ravnik NiOka is second favourite thing that goes with United Nude shoes, first being me (he.he). Easy, breezy, wearable. Probably in the closets of many women you know, you've just mistaken her pieces for Rick Owens.
Young@Squat comes up with something bat-poo crazy, sometimes I enjoy it, sometimes it's even to eclectic for me. The yellow dress falls into the first category.
Tanja Zorn Grželj's pieces are what makes you not bother for Stella McCartney, see exhibit A. The context in which they are put in sometimes put the focus away, far far away. See: legwarmers and unnecessary belts modern-princess dresses.
 Simona Lampe's personal taste is highly diverse and yet she never fails to hit the jackpot with a fair percentage of her pieces. Jacket yes, dress-bingo. But the belts this season need to go to a special place of Neverland because *WHY, this could be Gucci*.
Nataša Hrupič is one interesting lady, speaking from experience and I would like to see Kim K wearing her clothes. Nothing otherwise smart to say. #random
Maja Štamol Droljc needs to model her own clothing because it's nothing on models and everything on real, charismatic women. Seriously, don't try to form an opinion based on this picture, just google her (in a dres with stripes).

For a rambly conclusion I'm adding three pictures of pieces by PRINCIP by Mojca Celin and Damjana B. Logar, even though they look nothing on the pictures. Luckily, I've had the chance of seeing them pre-fashion week and the colours and shape made me go like THIS. Can you say 5th Avenue?

I wore their red hot dress to the soiree, nothing like this but a lot like fi-re, so stay tuned for Sunday's post!

Eva Ana Kazic
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United Nude Pop Up Store Opening

Designed in alignment with the idea of an arhitecturally perfected United Store, our very own, Slovene United Nude store opened it's doors 10 days ago. The event was a part of October's Month of Design and therefore full of friends, with many of whom our team has worked with. The ladies from Parsus, United Nude's representatives, Eric Maj Potocnik and Matjaz Plosinjak (currators of MoD), Nina Gaspari from ProvokativPR treated us to sushi, some good music and khm..shoes. Now this leads us to this eye-popping info - click HERE and find out more how you can add another pair of United Nude shoes to your collection. You have five more days to go!

Until then,

Eva Ana, the team and our closet of United Nude-tes.

Pictures by Helena Milost


The Other by Feyrouz Ashoura

Big congratulations to our Feyrouz Ashoura, a fashion multitasker in the best meaning of the word. She's now out with a new visual presentation which you can see HERE.




Geek chic

Here's the absolute truth. I own...many pairs of glasses. Not because they're cool. But because I might cause an issue on the road if I don't wear them.
Firmoo's owl-like fancy schmancy frames are my latest addition and an all-timer. I don't remember putting them away for a different pair as they are (aside from pretty, hello) ultra light and feel secure.
I'm kind of digging them in all my Chanel-esque looks of fall. Here's one, shot by Luka Volk, sporting them with a suit, because why would you only do one patterned piece and ALLAROUNDEVE Bags - this time the Perfume bag and the Big Bag.

Find more Firmoo frames here, or just get the pair I got, since it fits mine as well as any face that has had them on: http://www.firmoo.com/women-glasses.html

Find the ALLAROUNDEVE Perfume Bag
              ALLAROUNDEVE Big Bag

Ph by Luka Volk


The Guardian

Last day of Paris Haute Couture fashion week.
A day full of great shows, from Serkan Cura, Zuhair Murad, Ralph&Russo. More to come.

Hat: B. Polanec

Photography: Luka Volk 

Picture above: With Matevz 'The Hairrorist' Treven
Picture bellow: With Didier Grumbach


Girl about town

The fourth day of this season's Paris haute couture fashion week was all about running around. Luka and I made it to most shows, stomping our feet together nervously sitting in our shuttle while going to Jean Paul Gaultier - the weather was terrible, January-ish and so was the traffic. Next time, we're doing pants and bikes! Matevz handled the ones we missed like a boss.

I knew, since the day was sneaker-appropriate, that my only solution were the United Nude Geisha platforms. Poetry for my feet for the past 2,5 years.

Hat: B. Polanec
Shirt and skirt: ALLAROUNDEVE
Bag: ALLAROUNDEVE Elizabeth Bag
Shoes: United Nude Geisha Platforms

Photography: Luka Volk

Pictures bellow: With dearest Shy'm, Dièse, Laetitia Fourcade, Greg Alexander, Sebastien Vienne and Chinawoman.

Eva Ana Kazic