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Maison IRFE AW14 Backstage With Olga Sorokina by Eclectic Magazine

During Paris fashion week, we visited the Maison Irfe runway show with our friends at Eclectic Magazine and took a peek into backstage. Our beloved Anna Barr, their editor spoke to Olga Sorokina, who has revived the Russian haute couture brand after 80 years.

'Maison IRFĒ AW14; Paris Fashion Week; Photography by Svit Pintar
Maison IRFE returned to Paris Fashion Week last fall under the Creative Director and model Olga Sorokina. IRFE was the first Russian couture house founded in Paris. Speaking to Olga, you can see how she gets excited with it, as the house acts as the first Russian ambassador in fashion. This year is particularly special though as it marks the house’s 90th anniversary.
When asking Olga what inspired her to relaunch the house after an eighty year hiatus, she told us about how she fell in love with the history of the house. However, the house is now brought back and there is no looking behind. Olga doesn’t look through the archives for inspiration, she makes it very clear that fashion to her is “now”. Not looking in the past or predicting future trends, it is about what women in her tribe are wearing and would like to wear, it is about the trends today. Not thinking about the future or expiration.
“What type of woman do you imagine in this collection” asked Eclectic speculating on the Parisian roots.
“Women who don’t feel age” said Olga. ”It is not about age, people ask me about age, it is about how you look, how you feel, energy. What you like and feel today.”
Its about her tribe. It is for that reason that Olga also walked the runway in the AW14 collection, because her roots are as a model, and she was among her tribe backstage and it would only be natural. Backstage you got the feeling that she surrounded herself with only the people she wanted to work with from the makeup artist, hairstylist, models, down to the DJ. Lindsey Wixson and Ellen Von Unwerth were some of the familiar faces backstage. “It is important to build the D.N.A. of the brand” Olga told Eclectic while reflecting on her carefully picked team.
“It is difficult to do one show, and another then say what the brand is. It takes a while, it take more D.N.A. before we can say” she continued.
As for her theory on “now fashion”, everyone was gushing about the pop of pinkish orange for fall, the sporty luxe touches and minimalist black leather for a touch of rock’n'roll. Everyone wanted at least one of the pieces now.'


FSHN Magazine

Ah, so here is where my hats went! FSHN Magazine included my beloved hat master Bostjan Polanec in their Haute couture issue.
We're utterly proud of him and the team - Greg Alexander and Sébastien Vienne really always find the best rare goodies!
A picture of Svit and I from their party at Hotel Félicien Paris is also included in the magazine. Flip through the pages HERE.

Text: Eva Ana Kazic
Photo: FSHN Archive


Sylvio Giardina

Sylvio Giardina's team is on a mission. With their minds set on producing editorial ready items, they invited us to their showroom in Paris. Originally from the city of fashion, Sylvio later moved to Rome where he attended the Rome Fashion and Costume Academy, and currently resides and draws from the Italian capital.

He has a history in haute couture, his brand Grimaldi Giardina is a label we all remember from a few years ago. Since then, he's established the Sylvio Giardina label which focuses on ready-to-wear but in a manner of visual and craftmanshop manner leans toward couture.

It is obvious his words are firmly represented by the outcome - he sees the female body as a platform in search of a new silhouette, almost denying the orthodox shape of a human frame. The look is not experimental though. The usage of neoprene and spacy materials ads something very now, very trendy and yet classic to it. You could imaging the Giardina women to range from a model off duty, the Roitfeld or princess Charlene.

The verdict: Dynamic, versatile and how I imagine today's Balenciaga.

Text: Eva Ana Kazic
Photo: Svit Pintar


Jackie XL

I wore the ALLAROUNDEVE Jackie XL bag to Paris RTW fashion week and keep it on my daily menu since.
Pictures: Liviu Stoica after Valentino
              Luka Volk after my national radio interview

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x EA


Through the lens of the Lord

Eva Ana Kazic by Lord Ashbury, Paris, March 2013

A couple of months ago, I wrote in a post that Eva Ana Kazic from All Around Eve epitomised the things that used to define sexiness. Those days have been long gone and yet, she seems primed on a mission of bringing it back. At fashion week she’s not hard to find (just look for a crowd of photographers), nor is it hard to define her style in layman’s terms: she doesn’t look like anyone else, she looks better. 
This past month we linked up in Paris and had the opportunity to hang out before doing this shoot, and she turned out to be the exact opposite of how I imagined she’d be on a personal level. Merely 22 years old, Kazic firmly understands how her conservative appearance and seemingly serious disposition causes so many people to believe that she’s much older, and while she never explicitly said so, I got the feeling it’s the sort of misunderstanding she relishes. 
She somehow finds a way to be ironic without being a hypocrite—my original observation of the way she managed sexiness while maintaining a sense of conservative air was not a coincidence; she’s rooted in a cultural call of decency, and she doesn’t smoke, will not touch alcohol… she can be quite serious, but her sense of humour is ridiculously sharp, crass, and she has no plans of ditching an almost childlike imagination anytime soon. 
Lord Ashbury  


Absolutely Fabulous

There is a reason why these two go by the name Fabulous Muses. If you're not following Diana Enciu and Alina Tanasa on one of the many social platforms or checking out their site www.fabulousmuses.net to see what they're up to, you're missing out on some serious trend setting situation. 
During their Paris Fashion week visit, they also wore our Jackie Bags to the Pollini by Nicholas Kirkwood event.
Absolutely Fabulous they are!

Ph by Josefina Andres