The Other by Feyrouz Ashoura

Big congratulations to our Feyrouz Ashoura, a fashion multitasker in the best meaning of the word. She's now out with a new visual presentation which you can see HERE.


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Geek chic

Here's the absolute truth. I own...many pairs of glasses. Not because they're cool. But because I might cause an issue on the road if I don't wear them.
Firmoo's owl-like fancy schmancy frames are my latest addition and an all-timer. I don't remember putting them away for a different pair as they are (aside from pretty, hello) ultra light and feel secure.
I'm kind of digging them in all my Chanel-esque looks of fall. Here's one, shot by Luka Volk, sporting them with a suit, because why would you only do one patterned piece and ALLAROUNDEVE Bags - this time the Perfume bag and the Big Bag.

Find more Firmoo frames here, or just get the pair I got, since it fits mine as well as any face that has had them on: http://www.firmoo.com/women-glasses.html

Find the ALLAROUNDEVE Perfume Bag
              ALLAROUNDEVE Big Bag

Ph by Luka Volk


The Guardian

Last day of Paris Haute Couture fashion week.
A day full of great shows, from Serkan Cura, Zuhair Murad, Ralph&Russo. More to come.

Hat: B. Polanec

Photography: Luka Volk 

Picture above: With Matevz 'The Hairrorist' Treven
Picture bellow: With Didier Grumbach


Girl about town

The fourth day of this season's Paris haute couture fashion week was all about running around. Luka and I made it to most shows, stomping our feet together nervously sitting in our shuttle while going to Jean Paul Gaultier - the weather was terrible, January-ish and so was the traffic. Next time, we're doing pants and bikes! Matevz handled the ones we missed like a boss.

I knew, since the day was sneaker-appropriate, that my only solution were the United Nude Geisha platforms. Poetry for my feet for the past 2,5 years.

Hat: B. Polanec
Shirt and skirt: ALLAROUNDEVE
Bag: ALLAROUNDEVE Elizabeth Bag
Shoes: United Nude Geisha Platforms

Photography: Luka Volk

Pictures bellow: With dearest Shy'm, Dièse, Laetitia Fourcade, Greg Alexander, Sebastien Vienne and Chinawoman.

Eva Ana Kazic

While nowadyas even haute couture is gravitating towards wearabilty and seeks for crossroads between streetstyle and

 Team! With Luka Volk (photographer) and dear Matevž 'the Hairrorist' Treven, our hairstylist.


Mendelssohn 1842

There are some posts that need explinations, there are some serve as book drafts and there are the ones with pictures as a sufficient spokes-material.

B. Polanec, my beloved master of headpieces and a dear, goofy and loyal friend now has a client profile on allaroundeve.com as you might have noticed and is in this outfit well mixed with a remarkable Evgenija Zafirovska dress. Notice the rose-ish details? It was a complete coincidence. I first saw, I must admit, Evgenija's dress on snapchat, when one of the models on the closed-door shoot sent me a peek into what I might like. Not like, love! And I only do fatal attractions, that's hella sure. A meeting with Boštjan showed we were all thinking about the same look - he immediately pulled out this hat, as I stepped into his atelier and closed the deal. Couture fashion week - check!

ALLAROUNDEVE handbag, soon upon request on allaroundeve.com. Shop simmilar options HERE and HERE.

Pictures by Luka Volk

Pictures bellow - with one well dressed friend - Georgiana Boboc of Vintage Traffic and with one of my favourite illustriations by Alexandra Reznik - she brought me the original to a fashion show! What a lady.