Ilovefashion.si article: Eva Ana Kazic: She could be Mr. Dior's muse

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A wonderful article on Eva Ana Kazic's style, writen and also published on ilovefashion.si.
Just like Anna Wintour has her big sunglasses and Jackie Kennedy was known for her pearl necklaces, an artfully wrapped turban is the trademark of Eva Ana Kazic, the owner of Allaroundeve, the young lady caught in a vintage silhouette, which could be attributed to eternal Hollywood divas such as Elizabeth Taylor.
Words trend, fashion connoisseur and fashionista will not be found in her dictionary, as instantaneous fashion is not her interest. There's no place for fast fashion in her closet, but much for pieces with the signature of Princip, Eric Matyash, B. Polanec and Allaroundeve. Eva Ana Kazić took the good word of Slovenian fashion to Paris, where street photographers crowned her for a true fashion icon, while fashion moguls seat her in front rows of haute couture shows.
Eva Ana Kazić at a fashion show in the Musee Rodin, photo: Luke Volk
Eva Ana Kazić at Musee Rodin garden, photo: Luka Volk
Eva Ana Kazić is the personification of the  Yves Saint Laurent quote "Fashion fades, style is eternal." She loves glamor and silhouettes, that were presented by the revolutionary Christian Dior. If she co-existed in the same space and time, I have no doubt that she'd be his muse. The turban and cateye glasses are not only her uniform, but also Allaroundeve's trademarks, which already exceeds visibility of certain Slovenian brands. Mixing strong colors and colorful prints are her specialty. 
She's always in enslessly high heels and decorated with meticulously picked accessories like flowers, delicate hats or Allaroundeve trademark jewellery. Her appearance is pompous, while maintaining conservatism. Nothing is left to chance, even her precise eyebrows are color coordinated.
Rare are the women who shaped htheir appearance to such an extent, that you couldn't imagine them in something else. Eva Ana Kazić submited the sophistication of eternal glamour to her skill for combining pieces from Slovene designers' archives and with that created a slihouette, that we could simply call Allaroundeve.
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The Sport Bible

Is doing more sport activities on your list of New Year's resolutions? How about doing something crazy? We all have resolutions, but being just a little nuts and a lotta active shouldn't be a resolution, it should be on your daily to do list. 

Filip Kržišnik and Blaž Slanič know all about it. Forming the F&B Acrobatics dup and making look their ballet meets Superman tricks look easy, they joined our sportswear shoot and did some heavy, well, body lifting. 

Feel free to follow them on their page. They'll daily amaze you by pretending they're flags, pyramids, you name it!

We shot in OK Fit center in Ljubljana, which has some sweet projects coming up this week, so check them out!

Clothing: Extreme Vital and ALLAROUNDEVE (some on Eva)
Shoes/sneakers: Vivo Barefoot and United Nude
Location: OK Fit Center


Photography: UROŠ
MUA: Nastja Pestivšek
Style: Anže Kupljenik



The party and the after party

Once upon a time, two days ago to be precise, when I turned 20-something, a day so monumental happened, it summed up the entire year for me. Despite being in the business for years and according to my bloody self having a »let's skip this fast« childhood, it, full of bundled up events and feelings, represented me as a grown up. Two sentences in and no one understands what I'm saying already. The monumental day, my birthday, December the 30th, was first half very much poo, due to freeing realizations so powerful that made me absolutely proud of myself and my adulthood. But let's go to the part where we laugh and leave the sobby words to the people who don't wear turbans.  

As every year, all the obvious reasons about the holiday birthday and unpredictable plans made me wish to develop a »wake me up in January pill« once again. I doubly refused birthday celebrations as the first plans went to Santa-land. The abolition of supremacist capitalist neccessity to behave in an expected way for such holidays would float my boat anyway. And yet the idea of a simple drink with friends that mostly do not know eachother dabbed in. We had a lovely evening, naturally ending at 10pm, because I'm a partypooper and need my kiddy sleep accompanied with a thing that blew my mind – gifts. Being so unacquainted with celebrations or the act of receiving – no joke, I'm a psycho like that, the pink bags honestly surprised me. The smaller and in-expensive the gift, the more I appreciate it. The better the gift speaks to the turban, the more tears the birthday girl weeps. To hell with champagne bottles if I don't drink, to heaven with items that show care and thought. Friends – of which most I've met or realized are best friends in the past year, have showered me in plant-based food treats (zero left to eat), makeup that I've actually been eyeing for a while (so much about having MUAs in my personal circles), scarves, motivational notes that only us understand and this shocking illustration of my alter ego by Nea Likar.

Thank you for affection is a cheesy one to say. I'm still looking for an action to show my gratitude. Or at least beat them at the gifting game. Capricorns are competative, oh well.
So as much as I'd sometimes like to go too personal with my writings, the EAK aura is set to stay. Aside the from *bra off, spoon, peanut butter* after party motion, all the experiences 2014 ended perfectly by listening a friends mp3 of her singing to me, since she couldn't be there with me.  A calming experience and the first in the line of personal and professional realizations and »how« sentences.

  1. How you have to lose, to gain. How you shouldn't be afraid to lose what wasn't meant to be.
  2. How good it feels to be appreciated and how no one should adapt their wish to be appreciated in order to keep holding on things that have little to hold on to.
  3. The only people on your team should be the ones that motivate you to be just the person you truly are and show you the potential in yourself you haven't noticed.
  4. How even though your stress in the past year could be rated as 2007 Britney Spears, you managed to find ways to not find, but at least search peace.
  5. How the only secret to mind reading is dialogue. Don't interpret or assume. You're not an United Nations spy. Open your mind and don't expect people to act or think the same way. Unless it's obviously a pyramid scheme or a silly blogger project ;).
  6. How you don't need a lot of money to impress people. You need effort. We went from zero to hero. For a reason. The reason being us waking up really early.
  7. How clothes make the man. Naked or un-neat people have little influence on society. Sorry hipsters.
  8. How you should stop looking for happiness in places you've lost it. Rethink. Redo. Make better. You can do it.
  9. Giving is fulfilling. But you sometimes gotta get something back. Think our yourself more as a Walmart than the Red Cross.
  10. Never chase attention. If it's not given freely it isn't worth having. Or you're not worth having. (Tough capricorn love.)
  11. How an arrow can only shot by pulling it backward. So when you experience difficulties, it only means it's going to launch you into something great. Such a cliche. But it's true when you rise abow the situation and play the shooting game like it's playstation.
  12. No matter how good of a peach you are, you will never good enough for someone who doesn't appreciate peaches. Life is to short to be waiting for people to act right. Like casting directors for example. If you ain't the type, you ain't the type. Big up, Kendall Jenner, she seems to be everyone's type.
  13. How people cutting you off means we've probably given them the scissors. Pink ones.
  14. How sometimes you have to walk away from people...projects, yadda yadda, not because you don't care, but because they don't. That translates into: people will poop on your projects, so take it and run with the outcome as far as you can. You didn't expect me to turn this to a love quote, did you?
  15. How you should bite off more than you can chew of only two things: greatness and sushi. Because mediocrity doesn't interest anyone and sushi is hard to eat like a steak.
  16. How you are not too busy. It's just a matter of priorities. So get that manicure, girl.
  17. How love is beautiful, fulfilling and educational. Alright. This one is just about love.

Buckle up 2015. We have so much to offer.

Eva Ana Kazič



It's no secret our team loves sports just like we love some crazy pieces of clothing. With that said we teamed up with some pretty amazing partners in crime at this month's rather special shoot.

F&B Acrobatics, the Superman-flying, body-lifting, fire-playing duo joined me with spicing up our usual pretty pictures. Hashtag: feeling quite special, because they're performing in the finale of Slovenia's got talent RIGHT NOW! So if you're a resident, turn on your TV - there is only one option to vote - the most dangerous and skillful one!

There will be more pictures to follow shot in OK Fit Center, from the acrobatic to the fashion kind, but for now, feast on these!

Clothing: Extreme Vital
Shoes/sneakers: Vivo Barefoot
Location: OK Fit Center


Photography: UROŠ
MUA: Nastja Pestivšek
Style: Anže Kupljenik


ALLAROUNDEVE Christmas: Winter fairytale

We're continuing our Glam ideas with the same brands we used in the first part - PRINCIP and Eber. Picking a dress, a costumer often falls into boxing a designer's style and doesn't see the variety of a brand. Our team therefore chose a totally different silhouette, style and colour and kept the brands and naturally location - Nebotičnik Skyscraper in Ljubljana. 

The PRINCIP jacket was presented at Ljubljana fashion week a few weeks ago and looked completely different! ALLAROUNDEVE's idea was to go for the modern day variation of Dior's fall winter 1947 collection and bring it to 2014 with a very non-retro makeup and futuristic ALLAROUNDEVE bags.

Photography: UROŠ
MUA: Nastja Pestivšek
Style: Anže Kupljenik

Fur: Eber


ALLAROUNDEVE Christmas: Get your glam on!

New year, same problem - December, parties and innovative gifts. The ALLAROUNDEVE team is bringing you some pretty, some crazy but mostly aesthetically pleasing visuals that might spark an idea in you.
This time, we went for glam, you know, it's always better to be overdressed and overeducated than the other way.
Delicately sexy PRINCIP dress was accompanied with Eber fur stole, ALLAROUNDEVE Jackie Bag and a twist - instead of jewellery we opted for two Daniel Wellington watches - his and hers!

Photography: UROŠ
MUA: Nastja Pestivšek
Style: Anže Kupljenik

Fur: Eber


Eber Fashion Show

The Eber fashion show was a showcasing of elegance, tradition, quality and friendship. Having co-organized and participated it, it's hard to describe the mood ruling the room. After being escorted to the hall, the visitors - journalists, long-time costumers and photographers, viewed a runway of young models, the really long legged ladies, who call it a job and naturally, Eber friends - ladies and gentlemen, who wear Eber's pieces of verified quality and honored the show with their catwalk.

Co-organisation was a circus and a blast and between getting the models on the runway I joined them, modeling a vintage Eber coat, which is remade by Miu Miu and Cavalli this season. Can you say 80s greatness? I wore the coat with a lovely lace Tanja Zorn Grzelj jumpsuit from the SS15 collection. Classy and sassy!

Thank you everyone, who took the time to visit and contributed to raising the funds for the Doctors without borders new expedition - Eber raised 3000€.

Some Eber pieces were accompanied by PRINCIP evening dresses, while other models too wore ALLAROUNDEVE handbags (left to right: Big BagElizabeth Bag, Jackie Bag, Jackie XL, bellow: Perfume Bag)

Pictures: Stane Jerko
Make up: T Spot
Hair: Lassana

Visit Eber in Ljubljana: Wolfova 6, Center

Eva Ana and the ALLAROUNDEVE Team