The three Fs

Food, fancy rides and flawless skin! We've spent tuesday's afternoon being spoiled by Marcedes-Benz, La Prairie and the wonderful Kaval Group, who joined powers in a presentation of their new products. We got to see the new Marcedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake and a 1960 version, which blended with my outfit beautifully, just like a snowstorm, while the most asked question was if La Praire's gifts are edible. Sadly, no, you can't get that caviar out, but we left the gathering with our tummies full. We were taken to a new restaurant above the city - Strelec and enjoyed slow food in it's best form and taste. A view to kill, dapper presents and a good company. How spoiled can one get?


 Pictures: Allaroundeve, mediaspeed.net and Kaval Group